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Songwriter's Notebook

As most people have no idea just how many Song Writer’s notebook shows I have done, here is just a sample:

This Is Americana! (Highlights from the Americana Conference, Nashville TN)

with Country Legend Marty Stuart
with Country Legend Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart (Taped In Nashville TN)

Billy Faire (Taped in Texas)

Stephanie Legend (Taped at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville)

Utah Phillips (2 shows) ( Taped in Nevada City California )

Utah interviews Rik

Pete Seeger (2 shows) (Taped in Beacon NY) Pete Seeger,

Song Writing 101 (Steve, Cindy Ann Hills) (Taped at the NJ Folk Festival)

Interviewing Pete Seeger in Beacon NY
Interviewing Pete Seeger in Beacon NY

Sara Lee Guthrie (Taped at the Guthrie center in MA)

Steve Gillette

Tom Paxton

Guy Davis

Roy Bookbinder

Bill Staines

Mary Mcaslin

Ellis Paul (Burlington Coffee House & Falcon Ridge)

David Onley

Greg Greenway

Rik in the Studio with Guy Davis
Rik in the Studio with Guy Davis

Were about 9

Margaret Macarthur

Lou & Peter Berryman

Bob Franke (2 Shows)

Elizabeth Von Trapp

Rachel Bissex ( 3 shows)

Bodie Wagner (Taped out in Ca)

Margo & Mark

Rick Robbins (Taped in MA)

Ronny Cox

Interviewing CMT at the Americana Conference
Interviewing CMT
at the Americana Conference

Walking Jim Stolz

Running Dog Guitars

Martin Guitars, One hour Show (Taped at the Martin Guitar Factory in PA)

Aston Martin cars (Taped in England)

Laconia Motorcycle Rally (With Orange Country Choppers & Sony Barger)

Danna Robinson

Deb Holland,

Open Roads Gypsy Festival (From Glasgow Scotland)

Anne Weiss

Paula Joy Welter (Taped in California)

Becky Grubs (Taped in AZ)

Joel Mabus

Gareth Hedges

Cowboy Ernie Sites

Lon Austin & Dean Cook (Taped in AZ)

High Frontier Poets (Taped in Texas)

Falcon Ridge Showcase #1Falcon Ridge Showcase #2

Richard and Elaine Harper (Taped in AZ)

Carol Abair Burlington

Rik Rebecca Padula<br>next to the Fox Brothers tour bus
Rik & Rebecca Padula
next to the Fox Brothers tour bus

Rebecca Padula

Josh Brooks

Lyle King

Song Writers group

Rachel Bissex & Jeff Miller - Show about the Burlington Coffee House

Aaron Flinn

Jon Gailmor

Pete Sutherland

Katherine Quinn

The Linder Bros

Chris Kleeman

Kate Barclay

North Country Fair

The work of fashion designer 'Manuel'
A still from the show we did
with fashion designer "Manuel,"
Nashville's King of Western Couture

Mark Lovoie ( Blues and the Harmonica)

Robert Resnik/ Tony Nightingale - Show about Radio

Greg Douglas (3 shows)

Chin Ho

Eamon Flynn - Irish Music

Empty Pockets band

Gadfly Records

Yankee Chank

Paul Asbel


Rik at The famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville
Rik at The famous Ryman Auditorium
in Nashville

Michael Jonathon

Pumpkin Sail 99 (Taped on the Sloop Clearwater in NY)

Inca Sapi - South American Music

Hobo Fran (Taped in NH) - Show about Hobo history

Bill Hudson (Taped in NJ)

Folk Train 2000 (Taped in Canada)

Phoenix Folk Fest (Taped in AZ)

Pete Seeger & Friends at the Bitter End (taped in NY)

Anne Wenz - Music & Healing

Gary Oliver - Music & Cartoons

Bruce Taylor & Tao R. Seeger - Show about the 12 string guitar

Kid Rock's Jacket
Having Fun at Manuels in 'Kid Rocks' Coat

LYCO Gypsy music (Taped in Scotland)

Carl Rubino (Copy Rights)

Wally Borman & Andy Hurlbut (Taped in AZ)

Mark Humphries

Sandy Ross

The Celtic Connections Festival (Taped in Scotland)

Pullman Hobos (Taped in train yards and Boxcars in Chicago )

On The Rails with the Rose Tattoo (Taped on the Green Mountain Flyer)

Rik in the Lake Champlain Access Television Studios
Rik in the Lake Champlain
Access Television Studios

Clive Barnes - Guitar player from Ireland

Bruce Miller (Taped in Nashville TN)

Manuel the Rhinestone Designer (Taped in Nashville TN)

Barbara Cloyd at the Bluebird Café, (Taped In Nashville TN)

Pop Wagner - Cowboy Singer and trick roper

Wilfried Mengs family (Taped in Germany)

The Daft Tour (Taped in Germany)

The Lieder Tour (Taped in Germany)

The Wrights

Philo Record reunion

Shrinking violets

Saggio (Taped in AZ)

Around the Camp Fires at Falcon Ridge

The Champlain Valley Folk Festival highlights

Russian JAZZ Trio

Richard Ruaine

Ken Pearlman